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Nimmy’s Art Online Summer Camp: Mastering Fine Arts from Home

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As summer unfolds with its warm, inviting days, children buzz with anticipation for vacation and new adventures. Nimmy’s Art Online Summer Art Camp stands out as a beacon for young artists aged 5 to 12 years. Our online art camp offers a unique blend of creativity, convenience, and cutting-edge learning. Here’s why our camp is not just another summer activity but a transformative artistic journey.

Nimmy, an art instructor, painting with vibrant acrylic colors on a canvas.
Nimmy demonstrates acrylic painting techniques with enthusiasm and skill.

Why Nimmy’s Art Online Summer Camp?

Masterclasses on Legendary Artists: We offer specialized masterclasses where kids learn about famous artists and their techniques. These classes help kids appreciate and understand art better.

Art Theory Made Fun: We make art theory easy and fun with quizzes and games. This keeps complex ideas simple and interesting for kids.

Cartoon illustration of Nimmy teaching kids how to paint a cute Frida Kahlo portrait.

Emphasis on Group Learning: The power of group classes offer an unparalleled experience by fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Our group classes create a friendly and cooperative space. Kids learn with others, sharing ideas and improving their social and artistic skills.

Watercolor painting tutorial for kids featuring a girl walking a dog in a scenic landscape.
Easy Landscape Watercolor Painting Tutorial for Kids with Nimmy’s Art | Art for Kids

Extensive Practice Opportunities: More practice leads to better skills. Our camp provides ample opportunities for children to practice what they learn, helping them progress from novice to professional artists.

Benefits of Video Classes: Video classes let little artists and young artists watch lessons again, learn at their own pace, and understand better. This flexibility helps each child learn in their own way.

Enthusiastic young artist joyfully painting a Giant Christmas tree during an online art class with her teacher.
A Giant Christmas Tree in Oil Pastel

What Sets Us Apart? 

Fine Art Learning: Unlike generic art camps, Nimmy’s Art focuses on fine arts education, equipping kids with skills in various mediums and styles, from classic to contemporary.

Young girl proudly displaying her artwork from Nimmy's Art.
Mithra Senthilkumar – Young Artist

Live Classes: Live online classes offer real-time interaction with experienced instructor, providing immediate feedback. This dynamic interaction fosters a more engaging and responsive learning environment.

Kid happily painting at home while following Nimmy's instructions through Zoom.
Watch as young artists immerse themselves in creativity, guided by Nimmy’s expert instructions via Zoom.

After Class Video Tutorials: To supplement our live sessions, we provide video tutorials that students can access post-class. These videos serve as valuable resources for revising techniques, enhancing understanding, and extending learning beyond the live sessions.

Acrylic painting of a whimsical corn car cruising through a colorful landscape.
Acrylic painting – Cruisin’ in a CornCar! 

Convenience of Learning from Home: Kids can learn from any place and at any time. Our live classes and video tutorials makes it easy for families to fit art into their schedules, removing the hassle of travel and other conflicts.

Girl learning art online with Nimmy's guidance through Zoom class
Join the virtual art studio with Nimmy to unleash your creativity from the comfort of your home!

Interactive and Engaging Content: Each session is designed to be interactive, keeping children engaged through hands-on activities, live demonstrations, and feedback sessions. This dynamic approach helps maintain enthusiasm and focus throughout the camp.

Certification and Beyond: We celebrate kids’ progress with certificates. These awards motivate them to keep learning.

Meet Your Art Tutor: Nimmy Melvin

Nimmy poses beside her oil-on-canvas self-portrait, titled "The Metronome of Recollections" from the Hiraeth Series.

At the heart of our Summer Art Camp is Nimmy Melvin, an accomplished artist and passionate educator with years of experience in inspiring young minds. She, is a skilled artist and a passionate educator. She inspires creativity and confidence in kids, helping them love art long after summer ends.

Testimonials from Happy Parents

Mothers and daughters holding Mother's Day paintings

“Nimmy’s art has been a transformative experience for my daughter, who has a passion for art. She enjoys every class and has even won competitions thanks to the techniques she’s learned. The affordability of the classes makes it accessible, and we are grateful to Nimmy for her exceptional teaching.”

Kalpana Ch

“Nimmy Melvin is a dedicated teacher who coaches kids excellently, enabling them to acquire essential skills. My daughter has improved considerably since joining and looks forward to every class.”

Swathi P

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