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Spotlight on Navya: A Young Artist Journey at Nimmy’s Art Classes

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Meet our creative young artist Navya Lawata, she’s a fun-loving girl, when she’s not creating art, she loves to read, play with her friends, watch TV, and play sports like fencing and swimming. She loves mac and cheese, Ice Cream, and is a big fan of Indian dishes like Rajma/Rice and Pav Bhaji! She is a social butterfly and loves to make new friends.

A colorful array of artwork displayed on a gallery wall, showcasing the talents of young artists from Nimmy's Art classes.

How has your experience been learning art?

“Navya has had a fun experience learning at Nimmy’s Art. She enjoys all mediums of art and is fully immersed when she is doing art. Sometimes, she feels challenged when ensuring her strokes are good, especially with watercolors. She needs to make sure she uses the right colors and the correct amount of water to achieve the desired result. She is glad that Nimmy’s Art encourages students to ask questions; that way she can take her work to the next level, learn from the mistakes and seek help from us when needed.” – Navya’s Mother

An artist holding up her painting of a jar filled with heart-shaped Valentine's Day cookies.

Mastering watercolor strokes it needs more time you can watch all our Free Art Class in watercolor, just like Navya where questions are encouraged and mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities.

What’s your preferred art medium?

“Navya likes charcoal, even though it can sometimes be hard because the best thing is that for charcoal, she doesn’t need to assemble a lot of art material, and her charcoal drawings almost always come out very well. But Navya loved doing oil pastels in the previous group as well because the colors came out so good! She loved mixing the colors to make these paintings.” – Navya’s Mother

Navya appreciates the simplicity of dry mediums such as charcoal and oil pastels. Both require a strong foundation in mark-making skills. Charcoal is wild and monochrome, allowing playful exploration of lines and values. Meanwhile, oil pastels are vibrant, bringing joy like a rainbow after the rain!

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How do your family and friends help with your art journey?

“Since my elder sister did a lot of art, she gives me tips for improvement. My mom and dad also love art. My dad was the one who found out about Nimmy’s Art and, looking at my interest, enrolled me in these classes, especially since the COVID times. They also help purchase all the art materials and help me when I am stuck sometimes during the class, but other than that, they encourage me to do all my painting by myself even if I make mistakes.”

Navya’s family is like the sun in her artistic world. Her big sister’s art gives her ideas, and her mom and dad cheer her on. This shows how much Navya’s family cares about her art journey and wants her to shine bright.

What are your favorite books or shows, and how do they inspire your creativity?

“Navya likes A-Z Mysteries, Daisy Fairy Rainbow books, and Sherlock Holmes.  Navya loves Barbie TV shows and movies. In the Barbie, they have a scene of creativity and sounds in the back. For example, there is one scene where they are singing on the cruise, and there is a fairy tale backdrop – like rainbows, etc. she enjoys drawing that. Books usually tell her a story and describe a background that she tries to imagine in her mind. She likes to put some of those imaginations on paper through different art mediums.”

An artist sits comfortably, engrossed in reading one of her favorite books.

Avid reader Navya draws inspiration from books like A-Z Mysteries and Sherlock Holmes. Barbie TV shows, with their creative backdrops, spark her imagination, influencing her artwork. Navya brings scenes to life on paper, merging the magic of storytelling.

How does Ms. Nimmy make learning art fun and exciting for you?

“The choice of interesting art topics, a mixture of different art mediums, easy-to-follow instructions, free classes, and competitions make it fun to do art with Ms. Nimmy. She is very patient and polite in answering all the kids’ questions, and since the class is so organized – it is fun to do art with Ms. Nimmy.”

Navya finds learning with Ms. Nimmy both fun and exciting. Engaging topics, a mix of art mediums, clear instructions, free classes, and competitions contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere. Ms. Nimmy’s patience, politeness, and organized classes create an environment where Navya thrives.

Share your experience in our video lessons in the Academy.

“Honestly, if I had attended the class in full, I wouldn’t have watched the video Lessons. But if I sometimes miss the first part of the 2-part class, in that case, it is very helpful. But I hardly miss class in general.” 

While Navya seldom misses classes, the video lessons provided by the Academy prove helpful when she needs to catch up on the first part of a two-part session. The videos offer valuable support, ensuring continuity in her artistic journey.

What’s your top pick of art from Nimmy’s class?

“Navya’s first drawing in the Little Artists class didn’t turn out well, It was a Tiger. Last year, Navya loved doing Santa with acrylic. She also liked the Halloween Fox this year around Halloween that she gifted to her school. This year, Navya really liked Christmas candle creation and Back to School (Girl going back to school) with charcoal. In her little kids’ class, I loved doing the beach houses since they were bright colors, and then she liked the mango and dragonfruit that she gifted to her class teacher.” 

From overcoming a shaky start with a tiger drawing to creating vibrant Santa and fox artworks, Navya has cherished each artistic endeavor. Her Christmas candle creation and Back to School charcoal masterpiece stand out among her recent favorites.

What did you learn from Nimmy’s Master Study Class and who’s your fav artist?

Navya likes Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. Initially, people did not like his paintings, but now they are very famous. Navya likes Banksy’s paintings, too. She’s sad they were sprayed on the wall and destroyed. I don’t think Navya attended a Master Study class.

Artist Spotlight proudly holds her gouache painting titled 'Elegant Equine Portrait.

If you were an artist teaching a class, what topic would you choose and why would it be fun for kids?

Butterflies, Rainbows, Unicorns, and Animated characters are Navya’s favorites, and they capture her imagination well. As an artist teaching, she will give her students easy steps to making the creation. She would also like to take a class that makes Logos of a very famous shop or ideas like “ Einstein Bros. Bagels” and make it fun for kids to make those logos creative.”

If Navya were to teach a class, she would delve into themes close to her heart—butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, and animated characters. Her focus would be on simplifying complex creations into easy steps, fostering creativity and enjoyment for young artists.

What’s your top piece of advice for young artists just beginning their art journey?

First of all, make sure you see and draw the basic shapes in the picture that you plan to draw. Once that is done, then you draw the details. Spend time, do it slowly, cleanly, and enjoy it. Do not worry if it is not coming out well. Observe details and try to fix them.

Navya’s advice to young artists is to start by observing and drawing basic shapes before adding details. Emphasizing patience, cleanliness, and the joy of the process, she encourages fellow budding artists not to worry if things don’t go perfectly, but instead, to learn from and enjoy the journey.

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Cheerful shout outs from happy parents!

“Navya has been attending Nimmy Art close for more than 2 years now. As a parent, I know I am happy with an extracurricular activity when my kid looks forward to the class and is very engaged and enjoying the class without any help from the parents. That is exactly how Nimmy Art class is for Navya. Nimmy is very organized in her instruction. She takes the whole class along and is very patient and polite in answering questions from all students. Our kids are in great company in this class.”

Your artistic journey at Nimmy’s Art has been a source of immense pride and joy for us. Your passion for creating vibrant and imaginative artworks, from the charming Santa to the lively fox, is truly inspiring. Your connection between literature and art, as seen in your love for books and Barbie shows, reflects a mature understanding of creativity. We applaud your enthusiasm, the support of your family, and your thoughtful advice for budding artists. Keep shining, Navya, as your artistic expressions continue to bring happiness to all who witness your incredible talent.

– Nimmy Melvin

We hope you had a great time reading this Artist Spotlight! Stay tuned for more!

Nimmy Melvin, the award-winning visual artist, envisions nature, the surroundings, and every object around her from a different perspective. An expert in the usage of other mediums of painting, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, and oil pastels, she has a knack for inculcating knowledge in kids.

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