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Meet Your Instructor - Nimmy Melvin

International Art Instructor & Award Winning Visual Artist

Nimmy Melvin is a Master of Fine Arts with more than two decades of art exposure. She is loved by her students and known for her down-to earth, fun, non-robotic style of teaching that is rare to find in other online programs.

15+ years in the field of art and teaching

Master Of Fine Arts (Rank Holder)

Won People’s Choice Award at Fort Worth Community Art Center

Winner of the State Award by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy

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  • My kids have been learning from Nimmy for couple of years now. Very talented couple and Nimmy is a great teacher..she has a very unique style and kids absolutely love the class ( and the teacher).
    Gopal Ramakrishnan

    Gopal Ramakrishnan

    Parent of Smithi & Sruthi


  • Nimmy is such a gem! A fantastic artist, and an equally great teacher. My child learned using 4 different mediums, and practiced applications with each. The content/topics were varied & challenging yet easy for little kids to pick up. The classes were followed by video tutorials that we found so useful! With her follow-ups and constant encouragement, Nimmy has sparked the love for art in my 7 yr old.
    Ananya Savur

    Ananya Savur

    Parent of Anika


  • Zoe and her sister Abigail dressed in traditional attire with their artworks from Nimmy's Art
    Nimmy Melvin is a very creative and talented artist. My daughters really enjoy their online classes with Nimmy. They learned how to draw and paint in different media. Nimmy is very engaged with the kids in class and constantly provides positive feedback to the kids. I would highly recommend Nimmy to any parent looking for an online class to enhance their kids' drawing skills.
    Iris Chan

    Iris Chan

    Parent of Zoe & Abigail


  • Ardra Ragesh with her Hogwarts express completed at Nimmys Art online art classes with a Christmas tree in the background
    My daughter Ardra, is enjoying Nimmy's Art classes so much. Every class she learns something new and when she observes things around her, she would explain those to me like shadows, perspective etc. Nimmy's class is the only class that she is following up with me always Talk about #FOMO. And, it doesn't stop with the classes. As a parent, it gives me so much happiness to see my little one being happy and engaged. Thank you Nimmy.
    Anju Ragesh

    Anju Ragesh

    Parent of Ardra


  • Shreeja Pathak wtih the scarlet macaw painting from Nimmy Art, online art classes
    Nimmy Melvin is the best art teacher I have ever seen, amazing, and her techniques are easy for kids. Her video tutorials are very helpful, and even though Parents can learn easily as well. Nimmy Melvin and Pooja are so kind and humble to help the kids with any questions or difficulties. Great way to learn a Virtual art session with Nimmy Melvin.Thank you so much for this opportunity for kids to reach you.
    Aakanksha Pathak

    Aakanksha Pathak

    Parent of Shreeja

    New Jersey

  • The lighthouse painting in acrylic for kids completed at Nimmy's Art online art classes in Katy, Texas.
    My daughter Krupa Karthik has been learning various art forms and painting methods like watercolor, Prisma colors, acrylic, to name a few, for the past five months with Nimmy's Art. Nimmy's classes keep her very engaged. Her coaching style is very systematic and very well organized. She gives plenty of time to students to clarify and ask questions. We can clearly see how Krupa has progressed in the last five months in her drawings and paintings. We feel very happy and glad that we found out Nimmy’s Art. Thank you so much!!
    Roopa Karthik

    Roopa Karthik

    Parent of Krupa


  • Still Life using acrylic completed in the online art classes by Nimmy's Art
    Eric enjoyed the classes in July. He has learned a lot of techniques and has started experimenting with different mediums. Thanks, Nimmy Melvin for your guidance. It’s a pleasure to watch kids create colorful and vibrant artwork. Thanks, Pooja Prashob for conducting the classes in a professional manner. You are a great team.
    Surya Lijo

    Surya Lijo

    Parent of Eric


  • Charcoal Drawing
    My daughter loves learning from her teacher Nimmy. As a parent, it's a great experience to see her grow every day on her favorite subject. Nimmy's Art is truly a great place for kids to learn with love and from experts. Nimmy is an expert art designer and her experience with kids makes this learning experience even more beautiful.
    Tanu Singh

    Tanu Singh

    Parent of Sharanya


  • Excellent teacher with creative ideas, thought provoking artistic skills and extremely kid friendly!! Within a span of 6 months, our son has grown up from a beginner to a confident child artist. He is showing real interest towards art with confident strokes, increased patience and passion. All credit goes to Ms.Nimmy!
    Mithu Banerjee

    Mithu Banerjee

    Parent of Ankush


Frequently asked questions

  • What age group can join your Free art class?

    Open to all ages, bring your family and friends.

  • What are the materials we should bring for the Free Art Class?

    You can view all materials recommendations here depending on the medium for Free Art Class.

  • How long will be the Free Art class?

    We always do 1 hour and extend if we need more time to finish the painting.

  • Do you send reminder emails before the Free art class starts?

    Yes, we send reminder emails 30 minutes before the class starts.

  • Do you have Regular or Paid Classes?

    Yes, you can avail of the Live Class and Video Only Classes that are available to age groups 5-7 Years and 8-12 Years.

  • How can I get notified if there are more Free art classes?

    We will send a newsletter for announcements and post on our social media.

  • Where can I post my kids artworks?

    You can join our Facebook Group and post your kids art works!


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