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Meet Yashwanth, our gifted young artist, who embodies more than just creativity. He’s a lively child—funny, engaging, charming, and caring. As a loving big brother, he looks after his sister, cousins, and friends with great care.

Yashwanth considers himself a Math enthusiast and has even won the district-level UIL championship. Besides math, he loves art, chess, exploring, and playing the piano. He enjoys singing while playing the piano and sometimes tries his hand at composing music. Yashwanth finds happiness and calmness in art and music, especially when he needs to think.

A young artist proudly displays their artwork from Nimmy's Art Classes, featuring vibrant colors and creative designs
Witness the creative journey of a young artist as they showcase his stunning artwork from Nimmy’s Art Classes.

Whenever the weather is good, Yashwanth likes to swim and play tennis. Moreover, he loves running and has even won first place in a track race. To top it all off, he is a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

What inspired you to start painting?

My mom likes to draw and paint. She inspired me to be a better artist and enrolled me in Nimmy’s online art class. I also got inspired in the arts because of its creativity and imagination. The bright vibrant colors cheer you all the time and the light subtle colors are always pleasant. I love art so much that I lose track of time while at it. It feels to me like brainstorming in Robotics. Art is my passion! Art is beautiful!

Young artist Yashwanth engages in Nimmy's online art class, surrounded by art supplies and his creations.

For Yashwanth, art is not just a hobby, it’s a beautiful expression of creativity and imagination.

Is there a specific art style you enjoy exploring the most?

I like exploring Charcoal the most. I like how I can smudge to make some areas light and dark. In charcoal art we can explore the variations and differences in the shades even though it’s all black, white and gray.

Young artist Yashwanth holds his charcoal drawing 'Holiday Candles,' showcasing his talent and creativity
Charcoal Drawing – Holiday Candles

Charcoal is forgiving and versatile, making it great for beginners. It’s perfect for experimenting and learning shading techniques. Plus, it can create bold, dramatic lines and textures, making artworks stand out!

What do you enjoy most about attending Nimmy’s art classes?

I enjoy attending Nimmy’s online art classes. It is very fun and at the same time we are learning so much about art. She is very kind and answers all questions. She gives suggestions on how to correct our techniques to make our art look better. I like the spotlight feature to show to everyone when someone’s art is good. This inspires and motivates to draw with more focus and perfection in techniques.

Young artist Yashwanth holds his Halloween-themed owl art made with oil pastels from Nimmy's Art Class.
Oil Pastels – Hoot – Hoot

What’s your favorite medium to work with and why?

I like Prisma colors and Watercolors. Prisma color pencils are lighter than crayons and they are fun to draw with and easy to blend colors. Watercolors make the art look good and classic.  

Did You Know: 

Prisma Colors: Lightweight and easy to blend, these vibrant pencils are perfect for detailed drawings and offer smooth, effortless color blending.
Watercolors: Known for their classic appeal, watercolors provide beautiful transparency, allowing for delicate layering and unique textures in artwork.

How did winning the Celebrating Arts Fall 2023 contest and Nimmy’s Art Contest impact your confidence and motivation as a young artist?

When I won the Celebrating Arts Fall 2023 contest and Nimmy’s Art Contest, I was very happy and motivated. It gave me confidence to draw more and participate in more contests. Thank you to Ms. Nimmy! Because of this motivation, my art was also selected to be showcased in Wylie ISD Celebrating the Arts.

Congratulations, Yashwanth! 🎉

Your win in the Celebrating Arts Fall 2023 contest is truly impressive! It’s wonderful to hear that your achievements have brought you so much happiness and motivation. Your dedication and talent shine through in your art, and it’s no surprise that your work has been selected to be showcased in Wylie ISD Celebrating the Arts. Keep up the fantastic work, and may this success be the beginning of many more wonderful opportunities in your artistic journey!

Young artist Yashwanth holding his craft selected for Wylie ISD Celebrating the Arts, with his art teacher by his side.

Young artist Yashwanth and his mom at the Wylie ISD Celebrating the Arts event, proud of Yashwanth's showcased artwork.

What are your goals or aspirations as an artist in the future?

My goals and aspiration as an artist in the future would be for everyone to get inspired by my art. I also want to become a famous artist like Ms. Nimmy and exhibit my art.

Young artist Yashwanth displaying his collection of artworks from Nimmy's Art Class, showcasing his artistic talent and development.

In the future, Yashwanth aspires for his art to inspire others, aiming for widespread recognition. He dreams of exhibiting his work to a broad audience, sharing his passion, creativity and vision with the world.

Have you learned any new techniques or skills from our Master Study Classes?

In our Master study class, I have learned that a focal point is created when two opposite things create a contrast. Contrast is a key principle in art. The rule of thirds divides an image into three equal parts vertically and horizontally, helping us imagine and place elements in the picture.

Charcoal drawing – Deers in the Forest

Fun Fact: 

Did you know that in art, a focal point is often created when two opposite elements create a contrast? This principle of contrast is fundamental in art, drawing the viewer’s attention to a specific area. Additionally, the rule of thirds, which divides an image into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally, helps artist visualize where elements should be placed in their artwork, aiding in composition and balance.

If you could magically bring one of your paintings to life, which one would it be and why?

If I could bring any painting to life magically, it would be the watercolor bird because then I can have a free pet and show everyone what I did to make it so bright, colorful, cheerful and lively.

How To Draw & Paint A Robin Bird

Bringing the watercolor bird to life would be a dream come true for Yashwanth, showcasing his creativity and love for art. This cheerful and colorful companion would reflect his artistic skills and dedication, inspiring and delighting everyone who sees it.

What advice would you give to other young artists?

I would tell all the young artists to never give up because even if your art is bad, you can still improvise and be good at it as time goes by. Art needs patience!

Young artist Yashwanth holding his acrylic painting 'Haunted Pumpkin Castle,' depicting a spooky and imaginative scene.
Oil Pastels – Hoot – Hoot and Acrylic painting – Haunted Pumpkin Castle

Art, like any skill, takes time and dedication to master. Beginners often feel frustrated when their creations don’t meet their expectations. However, persistence is key. As you keep practicing, you’ll learn new techniques, improve your skills, and develop your unique style.

As Nimmy always says to all Nimmy’s Art Students, “Be patient and practice whenever you have time.”

Patience lets you grow and see progress over time. Even if your early works aren’t perfect, each piece is a step forward on your artistic journey. Remember, every great artist started as a beginner!

Cheerful shout outs from happy parents!

We are really happy that we were referred to Nimmy’s Online Art Class by our friends. The online classes are very effective, fun and exciting. Each week is a new journey in art for our little one. He has learnt so many techniques and skills in art from Ms. Nimmy. She is very kind, patient and explains in detail for every stroke and waits for every kid to follow through. Our heartfelt thanks to Nimmy’s Art Class for always making him feel special and appreciated.

A proud moment of Yashwanth and his mom, both smiling and holding the first-place award at the UIL Math Competition event.

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“Yashwanth, your artistic journey is incredibly inspiring! Your passion and dedication to your craft are truly admirable. Winning contests and showcasing your art are just the beginning of your remarkable talent and potential. As you explore new mediums and techniques, your artistry will only grow. Your wins mark the start of a brilliant artistic career. May your art always bring you joy, fulfillment, and success. Keep creating, inspiring, and shining brightly as the talented artist you are!”

– Nimmy

We hope you had a great time reading this Artist Spotlight! Stay tuned for more!

Nimmy Melvin, the award-winning visual artist, envisions nature, the surroundings, and every object around her from a different perspective. An expert in the usage of other mediums of painting, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, and oil pastels, she has a knack for inculcating knowledge in kids.

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