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Spotlight on Yashwanth’s Passion and Creativity!

Meet Yashwanth, our gifted young artist, who embodies more than just creativity. He’s a lively child—funny, engaging, charming, and caring. As a loving big brother, he looks after his sister, cousins, and friends with great care.

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Nimmy’s Art Online Summer Camp: Mastering Fine Arts from Home

Let your child’s creativity shine this summer at Nimmy’s Art Online Camp! With masterclasses, fun theory sessions, and live instruction, our camp offers a transformative artistic journey from home. Join us and watch your child’s passion for art soar!

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Spotlight on Navya: A Young Artist Journey at Nimmy’s Art Classes

Meet Navya Latawa, our vibrant young artist! When she’s not reading or playing sports, she’s indulging in her favorite foods or exploring art at Nimmy’s Art. With support from her family and guidance from Ms. Nimmy, Navya thrives in a welcoming environment where creativity knows no bounds. Join her on her artistic journey!

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Gareth – From Doodles to Masterpieces

Meet Gareth Chee, a spirited five-year-old whose love for art knows no bounds. From doodling stick figures to vibrant acrylic masterpieces, Gareth’s journey epitomizes youthful creativity. With Nimmy’s Art classes as his guide and family support as his fuel, Gareth’s artistic passion shines bright, illuminating a path of boundless imagination and growth.

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Gaurik – Painting Hoops and Dreams

Discover the inspiring story of a young artist, Gaurik, whose passion for art and sports takes center stage. From favorite projects to memorable contest moments, join us in exploring the artistic growth fostered by Nimmy’s Art. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by Gaurik’s colorful creations and the positive impact of Nimmy’s expert guidance. Read the blog now and witness the blossoming of a young artist’s creative journey!

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    About the Instructor

    I’m Nimmy Melvin, an award winning professional artist and international art tutor. I help kids to learn the basics of visual arts through live and recorded art classes.

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