Meet Gareth, a five-year-old little artist who loves to read, doodle, and play with his baby sister. He also enjoys good food and loves helping his parents in the kitchen. When the weather is warm, he likes to kick a ball outside with his dad and doodle outdoors with his sidewalk chalk.

What inspired you to start taking online art classes at such a young age?

“I like to draw! I started doodling when I was 3, after watching the 2022 Winter Olympics. Also I would draw stick figures of athletes skiing, skating, or snowboarding. Later, I started drawing different types of vehicles that I would see on the highway when my dad was driving. I would also draw scenes I saw at the grocery store, in videos online, or in the pictures in my books. My parents noticed my interest in drawing and decided to enroll me in art classes.”

How do you balance your time between school, extracurricular activities, and your art class?

“I attend an online class, self-paced kindergarten program, so my mom helps plan my schedule. Besides Nimmy’s Art Class, I also attend an online language class and recently started a self-paced math course. In the evenings and on weekends, my mom coaches me in my school work and art.”

Gareth’s ability to balance his interests is impressive! It’s heartwarming to see parents supporting their child’s passions and education with such dedication.

You won the contest! What do you like best about taking part in contests?

“I enjoy the process of drawing and painting. I like imagining different scenes and later putting my ideas on paper. Also I enjoy spending time with my mom when she coaches me in painting.”

Gareth’s Artistic Success Beyond Nimmy’s Art: A huge congratulations to Gareth for his incredible accomplishment! He won 1st place in the Wildlife Forever Songbird art contest at the state level in Tennessee. His winning piece beautifully captures the splendor of nature, demonstrating his talent and unwavering commitment to his artistry. We couldn’t be prouder of you, Gareth!

Share your favorite artwork from Nimmy’s Art Classes?

“Acrylic painting of the Northern Lights. I recently learned about solar radiation from a documentary, and the Northern Lights remind me of radiation patterns that we cannot see with the naked eye.”

Gareth’s ability to find inspiration in the natural world is remarkable! His interpretation of the Northern Lights showcases his unique perspective and artistic talent.

Do you find the video lessons in the Nimmy’s Art Academy helpful?

“Yes, I find the video lessons helpful. I watch them with my mom while completing my artwork. My mom also uses ideas from the videos to teach more about how to draw other subjects outside of online art classes.”

It’s heartening to see Gareth and his mom bond over art! The combination of guided instruction and parental involvement fosters a supportive environment for his creativity to flourish.

If you could trade places with one of your characters in your paintings for a day, which one would it be and why

Chuck, one of the birds in Angry Birds. I like Chuck because he is fearless and always willing to step into harm’s way to help his friends. He tends to charge straight into the bad piggies!”

Gareth’s choice of character reflects his admirable qualities of courage and compassion! It’s fascinating to see how his favorite characters inspire his imagination and creativity.

How has Nimmy’s online art class helped you learn new techniques?

“From classes by Nimmy’s Art, I learn how to build a sketch from basic shapes, and how to draw subjects proportionally. My mom also gets inspiration from the classes and teaches me new techniques on her own.”

Gareth’s growth is truly remarkable! Nimmy’s Art provides a nurturing environment for him to explore his potential and expand his artistic horizons.

What’s your favorite art medium in our class and why?

Acrylic Paints, because the paints are easy to mix and color. The paints are thick and the colors are bright. I also like to blend them to create texture and shadows. My mom also has a collection of color pencils, soft pastels, and markers that she lets me use for some of my artwork.” 

Gareth’s passion for acrylic painting is palpable! His love for experimenting with colors and textures adds depth and richness to his artwork.

How do you feel when you share your finished artwork with friends and family? What kind of reactions do you usually get?

“I enjoy sharing my artwork with friends and family. They love it too! They always give me a thumbs up and tell me that I do a good job.”

Gareth’s artwork is a source of pride and delight for his loved ones! Their support and encouragement are instrumental in nurturing his confidence and creativity.

What’s your top piece of advice for little artist just beginning their art journey?

“Keep practicing. The more you draw and paint, the better you will get. That’s what my mom always tells me.”

Gareth’s advice is timeless and sage! His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of practice and persistence in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Cheerful shout outs from happy parents!

We have observed significant improvements in Gareth’s drawing, coloring, and painting skills. Classes at Nimmy’s art are a great way to introduce him to various techniques. He continues to doodle, but has since increased repertoire of sketches to include even more varieties of subjects. We are confident that Gareth’s techniques will continue to improve through classes at Nimmy’s Art. 

“You are truly a talented artist! Your passion for drawing and painting shines through in every piece you create. I’m so impressed by your dedication and creativity at such a young age. Keep following your heart and exploring the colorful world of art. Remember, every stroke of your brush tells a story, and your imagination knows no bounds. Keep doodling, painting, and dreaming big, Gareth!”

– Nimmy Melvin

We hope you had a great time reading this Artist Spotlight! Stay tuned for more!

Nimmy Melvin, the award-winning visual artist, envisions nature, the surroundings, and every object around her from a different perspective. An expert in the usage of other mediums of painting, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, and oil pastels, she has a knack for inculcating knowledge in kids.

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