Acrylic Painting for Kids: Fun & Creative Guide

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Welcome to the exciting world of acrylic painting! Here, you and your kids will dive into a colorful adventure of expressing ourselves through art. This guide will show you how to make beautiful paintings using acrylic paints. You’ll discover lots of helpful tips and tricks to bring out your inner artist and have a ton of fun along the way!

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“Acrylic painting is not just about colors and canvases; it’s a vibrant dance of imagination that allows every child to paint their dreams into reality. With its vivid hues and forgiving nature, acrylics open the door to endless creative possibilities.” says Nimmy Melvin, our esteemed instructor and the creative force behind Nimmy’s Art.

Why Acrylics?

Acrylic paints are the gateway to a magical world for budding artists.  It is a popular modern medium invented in the 20th century. Their bright colors, quick-drying & opaque nature, and ease of cleanup make them a hit with kids and parents alike. Nimmy encourages young artists to “Dive into the rainbow of acrylics and let your imagination run wild. There’s no limit to what you can create!”

 Essential Art Supplies for Young Creatives

Acrylic paint Set

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

Numerous varieties of acrylic paints exist, but they primarily fall into two groups: heavy body acrylics, which come in tubes, and soft body acrylics, found in bottles. For those just embarking on their artistic path, including beginners and young artists, starting with this collection is recommended.

These paints are known for their smooth consistency and ease of use, quickly drying to a subtly glossy finish. Furthermore, the ability to blend and layer these colors offers endless creative freedom, enabling the creation of lively and multi-dimensional pieces.

Acrylic pad for beginners

Acrylic Pad

This travel-friendly ‘canvas’ is ideal for artists who are always moving, and it’s prepped and primed for immediate use with oil or acrylic paints, requiring no additional preparation!

Colorful Transon Paint Brush Kit for Kids - Includes various sizes and shapes of paintbrushes, perfect for young artists to explore creativity.

Brushes set

These brushes suit both novices and seasoned artists alike, and their convenient case makes them easily portable! With an array of brushes available, Nimmy recommends, “Ensure to softly cleanse the brushes with hand soap and water after every session. Each brush serves as an instrument of creativity; delve into them to discover your distinct style.”

Image of a black Sharpie marker, perfect for kids' art projects.

Black sharpie

The Sharpie Permanent Marker is designed to create bold, lasting lines. Its quick-drying ink resists fading and smudging, while the fine tip allows for intricate and detailed artwork. “Kids enjoy adding outlines and details to their artwork. Sharpies act as the finishing touches in your piece, providing definition and emphasis,” Nimmy points out.

Image showing a palette paper pad for kids

Palette Paper Pad

This “palette paper pad” serves as a unique mixing surface for paints, much like a dedicated paper palette. It’s especially useful for children who are just starting to paint. Essential for color experimentation, Nimmy notes, “Consider this palette your canvas for exploration; mingle, merge, and forge new colors that narrate your tale.

Tips for Beginners:

Start Small: Nimmy encourages starting with simple projects to build confidence. “Every great artist began with a single stroke. Start small and watch your art flourish.” Begin with simple objects or shapes before venturing into more intricate projects. Just like our Valentine’s Day Special – Cute Fox & Peony Flowers in Acrylic Paint, this project with step by step instructions made by simple shapes, this gradual approach nurtures a sense of accomplishment.

Mix Colors: Nimmy believes in the magic of color mixing. “Mixing colors is like mixing potions; with the right combination, you can conjure any shade you dream of.” allow your kids to discover the art of creating new shades from primary colors. It’s a hands-on lesson in color theory.

Acrylic painting color wheel

Easy Techniques: Nimmy introduces fun techniques to make art exciting. “Art should be joyous. Try finger painting or splattering technique, it’s not just about the result but the fun in creating.” These techniques add an element of surprise to their artwork.

Inspire Creativity:

Tell a Story: Try telling a story with your paintings. Nimmy emphasizes the power of storytelling through art. “Your canvas is your stage, and your brush is your storyteller. What tales will you tell?” By painting a story, you get to use your imagination and creativity, so grab your brushes and weave some colorful tales on our canvases!

Nature’s Palette: Nimmy encourages drawing inspiration from nature. “Nature is the greatest artist. Let the colors of the world inspire your palette and guide your brush.” Nature provides a rich tapestry of inspiration. 

Clean-Up Made Easy:

Use Soap: Nimmy advises on easy cleanup practices, “Art shouldn’t be about mess but creation. Simple soap and water can clear the way for your next masterpiece.”

Use Old Shirts or Aprons: To protect clothes during the painting session, allowing kids to fully immerse themselves in the creative process. As we journey through the art of acrylic painting, let’s remember Nimmy’s words: “Keep painting with joy, for each brushstroke is a step on the path of creativity.”

Acrylic painting is a timeless journey that keeps the inner artist alive, allowing kids to revel in the joy of creation and opens a door to a world where creativity has no limits. When they use their brushes, they can see their dreams come to life on the canvas of their imagination.

So, keep on painting with joy!

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