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Online Art Classes – Building imaginations beyond the pandemic

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The pandemic situation has quite literally pushed us into a corner. Schools are closed, and children are attending online classes. Studies are indicating that prolonged confinement to one’s home can be detrimental to the development of children. 

Increased Stress – It may not be evident, but keeping children within the confines of a home can increase their stress levels.  This may not immediately be apparent, and as a parent, there are many things that you can implement to reduce stress levels in children. 

Lack of Social Interaction – Man, is a social animal. Without enough interaction with others, their growth as a social person is hampered. The pandemic situation may improve soon. However, this phase of life that is so important in the case of a child is lost. 

Children should have opportunities to freely convey their ideas, interact and identify their artistic talents, and learn art skills through fun. 

How can art classes help during the pandemic?

As kids, we all exhibit reflections of our inborn talents. However, the lack of adequate care and training affects it adversely. With time, the talent disappears.  

Earlier, interest in art was neglected or only seen as a pastime. It was widely believed that learning more or improving upon an inborn artistic talent had nothing to do with other areas of life. However, our lifestyle, views, and perceptions have changed over a period. Consequently, the concept of people about creative talent also has changed. 

Today, most parents are aware that nurturing creativity in children with wide-ranging art inputs can change their lives for the better. This article intends to elaborate on the varying aspects of creativity, including the major role played by visual arts. Developing creative capabilities has a remarkable effect on a child’s life.

 Let’s see the benefits of nourishing creativity in your child. 

Improves Creative Quotient (CQ) – Nurturing the creative side will improve the CQ of the child. A measure of creative intelligence in people, CQ, plays a vital role in developing exceptional ideas later in real life. People with high CQ will have innovative concepts, out-of-the-box thought processes, and the ability to perceive things better than others can.  

In a world that runs on ideas, a higher CQ helps enhance the brain’s capabilities and lay a strong foundation to think differently and creatively.

Boosts Memory – Similar to physical exercise for our body, the brain, too, needs exercise to augment its capabilities. Technology has infiltrated our lives so much that the usage of the brain has reduced considerably. The brain’s capacity to memorize, calculate, assimilate, interpret, and imbibe has diminished substantially. 

Art classes, books, and other creative processes necessitate the highest level of brain involvement. It improves observation skills, memory, brings innovative ideas and perceptive capabilities. Children exposed to art and design from a young age tend to grasp concepts quickly and perform exceptionally well in academics. 

Productive Utilization of Time – Enrolling your child in art classes helps them utilize time productively and guide them on the right track. Rather than spending time watching television, playing computer games, or sitting idle, utilize the time to explore the creative side and to be productive. It will be beneficial for their future in many ways than one.

Virtual Art Classes with a focus and curriculum.

It is not advisable for children to attend in-person art classes until the COVID-19 situation betters. Under the current situations, our virtual art classes suit a large spectrum of students. Children from around the world join our virtual art classes and make the best use of their time.

Art classes have to be designed to be fun for kids. At the same time, teach them the intricate details of art, including figure drawing, portraits, still life, and landscapes.

Overwhelming support for the virtual art classes has motivated Nimmy’s art classes to organize more schedules that will benefit more children. Our art lessons and online courses are exclusively designed by us and guides children in discovering art and creativity and instill creative thoughts in them.

Attraction – Art projects have to be interesting to get children attracted to them. Nimmy’s Art classes have learning methods that attract children of different ages and have proven effective in providing context and relevance to their artistic pursuit.

Interest – At Nimmy’s art, we motivate them and introduce novel things frequently. This way, we have successfully created enthusiasm among kids, which has been conducive to keeping them interested.

Attention – Maintaining the child’s attention using proactive techniques has been our way of conducting online art classes. Children will remain glued to the class only if the virtual art class is interesting. Realizing this fact, we have developed our interactive art courses that will ensure better attention and engagement with kids.

Progress by Practice – We constantly monitor the children to ascertain their progress. Practicing sessions are scheduled to make sure that their artistic caliber improves optimally.

Free Acrylic painting tutorial from Nimmy’s Art

Since the launching of Nimmy’s art, our coaching process has revolutionized the virtual art class space and virtual art programs. We invite you to check out the collection of paintings by our students, and you will appreciate their creative thoughts and their artistic world.

In the ever-changing world, a virtual art class is the best option to introduce your children to the creative realm.  

Nimmy Melvin, the award-winning visual artist, envisions nature, the surroundings, and every object around through a different perspective. An expert in the usage of different mediums of painting, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, and oil pastels, she has the knack to inculcate knowledge in kids.

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