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The growth of a knowledge-based economy, where graphic design, 3D modeling, etc. has become important has increased the importance of visual arts and creative talents. Art education and creative talents are now receiving the attention that it deserves in a child’s life.

Many parents are working from home and are paying more attention to the online art classes that their children attend. And, online art classes are being recognized as an effective medium to learn Art. Virtual art courses have created a channel for parents to be actively involved and understand the creative thoughts of their children.

In many developed countries, art, art history, painting, creativity, photography, figure drawing etc. are being included as a part of a child’s creative development. It is well known that parental involvement in education enhances the cognitive development of the child.

Read about how art classes develop creativity here.

Online art classes, where parents are not just involved but actively participating have many advantages.

Brain development – According to National University, consistent support from family helps in the brain development of the children. The children become more creative in their thought process and productive in their activities. It makes them more adaptable to real-life situations.

Life lessons – Family support in art classes are also a way for parents to understand the emotional needs of the child. It is a way to perfectly combine art lessons with life lessons. It is a way for parents to know their children as they grow up through these times. Parents can work with their children on art projects and provide the required support.

An environment of Trust – Adapting to the changes in the post COVID world may not be easy for children. Parent involvement in their classes addresses language barriers, cultural differences, improves understanding, and creates an environment of trust.

Behavioral development – Family art classes also help in the behavioral development of the children. Parents, with their mature and steady approach to art, leave an impression on the children. What better inspiration to children than their parents who go through the same experience, along with them.

Family time – COVID-19 has restricted many of us to our homes and there is a genuine lack of fun family activities. Include art classes, to become the quality family time that parents seldom get. Family-oriented online courses like online art classes can help children with communication, thought processes, and empathy.

Personal Hobby – Parents who attend art classes with their children also sharpen their own artistic skills and discover wide-ranging talents. It is also a way to develop a creative hobby and spur an internal drive to discover one’s strengths.

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Nimmy’s art classes encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s artistic pursuit. Family workshops are free online classes, open to parents and children. They are a great way for parents to work on their art skills while also supporting their children. Lay a strong foundation by taking part in the online classes for Families. More information about Family Art workshops available at https://nimmysart.com

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