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Nimmy’s Art: Affordable Online Art Classes for Children

There is nothing as special as seeing your child create something beautiful that they’re proud of, and with Nimmy’s affordable online art classes for children, you can ensure every piece of art is proudly displayed on the refrigerator door. That’s why we have a variety of affordable online art classes for children that are fun, enjoyable, and, most of all, will put your child in the right, artistic state of mind.

Between 5-12 years of age classes: Our affordable online Art Camps are for beginners and designed for children between 5 and 12. Parents and siblings are encouraged to participate and make it a fun family event. We also offer sibling discounts.

Art should not be limited to location; therefore, we offer online virtual art courses in the United States and Canada. The virtual art classes can be streamed from the comfort of your home. Additionally, we have flexible class times so that everyone can get in on the fun at a convenient time.

Each art class is taught by award-winning artist and international tutor Nimmy Melvin. During each live stream session, Nimmy instructs students in a professional and friendly way that creates a positive and fun atmosphere. We recommend parents purchase the required art materials to get the most out of each class.

Below are Nimmy’s available, affordable online art classes for children:

2-Day Christmas-Themed Art Camp

  • Dec 22 – Dec 23 
  • Taught by Nimmy Melvin 
  • Christmas-themed acrylic painting  
  • Free access to art tutorial videos 
  • Beginner-level classes for: 
    • 5-7 years old 
    • 8-12 years old 

2-Day Holiday-Themed Art Camp 

  • Dec 29 – 30 
  • Led by Nimmy Melvin 
  • Holiday-themed acrylic painting  
  • Free art instructional videos 
  • No previous art experience required 
  • Classes are broken up into different age groups: 
    • 5-7 years old 
    • 8-12 years old  

Free Workshop 

  • The 2-hour session taught by credited artist Nimmy Melvin 
  • Acrylic painting class 
  • Free video replays 
  • All age groups are welcome 

All-Year Available Online Art Camps for Kids 

  • Instructed by Nimmy Melvin 
  • Focus on multiple art mediums 
  • Free replay tutorials  
  • Classes are divided into age groups: 
    • 5-7 years old 
    • 8-12 years old 

Register today if you are interested in any of our available online art classes for children. We look forward to creating with you in the future!